Thursday, 12 December 2013

Disabled trousers

I was on an underground train with my dad and as we approached Becontree station on the district line, I took a small semi circular object from my pocket and placed it on the floor. 

As the train door opened it flashed different colours and started to move off up the platform. We followed it until it reached the stairs where it stopped unable to climb. 

I picked it up and walked to the top of the stairs and into the street. As I reached the exit I pushed a button on top of the object and a huge flash of light blinded us briefly. When I adjusted my eyes everyone was disabled. 

Bus drivers, people walking, everyone had a physical disability. My dad and I were still the same and as we walked up the street everyone starred at us as if we were freaks. I felt very uncomfortable. 

Finally I drove my car right up to a front door of a house and when I got out I had no trousers on. 
I had to climb over the bonet of the car to get in the house. Inside was Kallum from work and he was arguing with his parents because he had bought a prostitutes pimp into the house. 
I tried to calm his parents and say that Kallum was not a bad lad but standing there with no trousers on wasn't convincing them!

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