Friday, 27 December 2013

CIA ticket

After spending some time standing around in a hospitals A&E department, I gathered up papers laying on chairs and left the building with my wife. 

We headed to the underground station where we boarded a train. I placed my pile of papers onto a seat and waited for our stop. 

As the train rolled to a stop at our destination I attempted to again getter up my papers. There were a lot more this time and I struggled to hold them all in my arms. 
As we got off the train and headed for the exit I held my ticket in my fingers. 

Hundreds of people got off the train and we were swept up in a wave of commuters towards the exit. As I reached the exit my ticket slipped from my grasp and blew away. 

My wife told me I was now in trouble as the ticket collectors were all American CIA agents. Worried at this news I managed to hide amongst the crowd and avoid being checked. 

As we made our escape my wife decided to buy some cigarettes from a man on a motorised scooter, despite not being a smoker. 
We approached him and he showed his ID badge as bring a CIA agent! I was busted.  


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