Thursday, 19 December 2013

Chicken and ashes

I was in an undertakers arranging a funeral. It was a dimly lit room and a small unassuming man was attending to me. 

I suddenly realised that it was lunch time and scooped up paperwork and the ashes of someone that were in a tin and placed them into a plastic storage container. 

I then entered a dining hall were there was a table of cooked chicken. A few people were scattered around on tables including a long completely glass table. 

I grabbed a plate and stood looking at the chicken, a woman came over to serve me. She sliced some chicken and asked me what was in the box I was holding. I replied, 'Dead guy'. 

I then took my chicken and sat at the long glass table. The people also sat there started to shout and became very loud. They all moved along in their seats and I ended up knocked off my chair on the floor. 

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