Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Three legged domestic

I was walking towards my mums house when I caught up with one of my work supervisors called Neil. 
We walked together and noticed ahead of us was a three legged dog. A male and female were walking the dog and having a full scale shouting match. 

Thinking that the argument may turn violent at any time, I motioned to Neil in the hope that he would interject with me. 
I looked at Neil who just said calmly and slowly, "Hey man that dog has three legs". 

I was next at home and walked into the conservatory where my wife was relaxing. I noticed on the floor some jelly beans. My wife explained that she had dropped them. 
Walking out of the room the entire house was now full of jelly beans covering all the floor space. I picked up a dustpan and brush and started to clear up. 

My wife came into the kitchen and said not to bother clearing them up. I shouted in total dispair, "You don't understand what it's like to have OCD"! I started crying. 

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