Monday, 11 November 2013

Street talk

I didn't think I was going to dream last night. I went to bed early with my man flu, feeling very sorry for myself. 
Hours of coughing and sneezing and with small naps resulted in nothing. 

Just prior to waking up however I was standing in the street talking to a man I didn't know. I was telling him that I sold my old i phone 4 for £100 and it wasn't even fully functional. 

As I told him this a woman and her son approached us. The boy was about 10 years old. 
After listening to us for a while the woman asked if the i phone 5 was good. I informed her that it was great and that it's the best phone. 

After hearing my praise of the phone the woman turned to the boy and said, "Looks like your getting a new phone".  The boy grinned a massive cheesy grin at the prospect. 

The woman thanked me and just as she was about to leave she asked how much the phones were to buy. I informed her that they are in excess of £500 and she again looked at her son and this time said, "Your not having one". 

I watched as the woman walked away followed by a crying and extremely disappointed 10 year old  

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