Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stately mess

I started off by holding a video camera. I switched it on to see what was recorded on it and found it was my step Son Michael in a harbour in Italy. He wasn't an adult but had reverted to about 10 years old. 

I watched as he jumped on a skateboard and rolled off the edge of the harbour onto a boat. He continued skating across from boat to boat to angry shouts from the owners. 

Police serins could be heard approaching and Michael jumped off a yacht back onto dry land, flipped the board with his foot catching it and calmly walked away as the police arrived. 

I was lastly in a grand stately house sitting watching TV. The door opened and a bunch of tourists entered. They looked unsure if they should be there as they saw me with my feet on a table. 

I told them to carry on through the house and as I looked up at the ceiling I could see water dripping down and a huge bubble was forming full of water. 
I ran upstairs to find the source of the leak. 

I entered a child's play room and started to pull back the carpet. The floor was wet but I couldn't see the leak. 
Suddenly the door opened and two men dressed in white military uniforms entered. They both had a row of medels on their chest. 

Following behind them were hundreds of people and two children who were both screaming. One of the men pleaded with me, "Help us, stop these children screaming!"

I decided the best course of action was for me to leave. I ran outside where it was sunny and warm. A posh looking lady called my name and handed me 28p in change. 
She said, "Go to the co op and get Yvonne out of the car park". 
I then woke up. 

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