Monday, 18 November 2013

Special D CID

I was with an old man and his wife, the man had been the victim of a crime and I was trying to help him. 
I decided to help out by writing down what had happened and started by asking the man his name and age. 

The man was called Judd and he was 89 years old. As I started to write this my pen ran out. I took out another pen which had purple ink. 
As I again wrote the mans story, the ink started to spread and run into the paper making it totally purple. 

As I screwed up the paper in annoyance the mans wife said, "In the Japanesse cities, only people who live there are allowed into the city at night".  
I glanced a quizzical look at the man who returned an equally puzzled look at me. 

Suddenly the door opened and in walked a cop from CID to investigate the crime. I recognised the cop as work colleague Daniel who I call Special D. 
Special D was dressed in tight black leather trousers and a grey and black coloured quilted style jumper. 

Under his arm he held a clipboard which he looked at as he spoke. "I want a full forensic sweep of this room and I have taken this as evidence".  He held up a tiny light bulb that he had in his pocket. 

I looked around to see who he was actually talking too but he was alone. When I got a better look at his clipboard I saw that there was a blank page on it. 

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