Sunday, 3 November 2013

Soup of justice

I found myself wandering around an abandoned warehouse on an industrial estate. 
The ceilings were double height and various metal beams span across the rooms. 

I looked at the beams with a view to removing them for their scrap value. I entered a doorway and passed through it and entered a court room. 
The court was in session, complete with a judge and jury. 

I took a seat and watched the proceedings. From behind me a waiter placed a bowl of soup on the table I was sat at. 
I started to eat it and watched as everyone else in the court was also given a bowl of soup. 

As I continued eating I noticed that no one else was eating theirs. 
The judge help up his hand and halted proceedings. As he did this everyone turned and starred at me. 
To further my feeling of self consciousness, I made an embarrassing slurping sound with my soup. 


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