Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Shotgun dilemma

I was to start with standing next to a shed with the three members of the show, Top Gear. No one was speaking but it was excepted that I needed to go inside the shed. All three gave encouraging looks at me and the shed. 

I turned the handle to the door and slowly pushed it open and tentivley peered inside. I glanced back at the Top Gear presenters and they faded and vanished before my eyes. 
I turned my attention back to the shed and it too had vanished. 

I was next in an open area that was totally white. I couldn't tell if it was outside or in as I just seemed to be surrounded by nothing. 
As I starred around attempting to focus on something, a short man with a beard appeared pointing a shotgun at me. 

He simply said, "Arm or leg, it's up to you?" Alarmed by the prospect of being shot and that I was given a choice where I was shot, I decided to take neither option. I ran off. 

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