Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Return of the 70's

For the second time in a week my good friend Matt appears in my dream. 
Last night we were in pub and hidden in an upstairs room Matt found a time machine made from a child's activity toy. 

We knew it was a time machine as someone had written 'Time Machine' on the toy in felt pen. 
Sceptical that it would work and was just a joke, I entered 1970 onto the clock. 

I pushed a button and felt a strange pulsating feeling come over my entire body and I felt slightly sick. We both looked at each other quizzical as to what just happened. 

We rushed to the window and looking out I found we were in my Nan's old house where I spent most of my childhood in the 70's. 

Outside in the street were old Ford Capris and Ford Cortinas each full of people wearing flared trousers, wide collars and with huge hair. And they were all smoking. 

Matt looked at me and said, "I don't like it, let's go back". Grabbing hold of the toy he frantically pushed buttons to no avail. We were stuck in 1970! 

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