Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Number 41

I started off my being sat in an original 1960's mini, it was blue. I was waiting for my wife who was getting some food from KFC. 

Due to parking restrictions I had to keep moving and after what seemed like an age to be ordering some chicken, I parked outside and walked in. 
There was no other customers than my wife and the two staff members were unable to get the order right. 
I looked at my wife and told her we'll go elsewhere. 

We were next both inside a car, I'm unsure if it was the blue mini. Sat in a residential new build of houses, they all looked the same. 
Across from where we were parked was a house with a large number 41 on the door. 

I explained to my wife that the house, unassuming as it appeared was in fact a museum. A shrine to some historical event that had happened in the areas past. 

Not thinking that my wife was all that interested in what I was telling her, I stopped talking and glanced over at her to see that she was sound asleep. 
I woke up at this point and my wife was sound asleep next to me in bed. 

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