Friday, 8 November 2013

Got your number

Standing in a field of crops with the sun on my back, I saw a bright yellow and brown bird flying just above my head.  I chased it and managed to cup it in my hands and gently stroked its soft feathers.

I then felt a hand placed on my shoulder and an undercover police oficer showed me his badge.  He said to me that the bird was a protected spiecies and that because I had touched it I was getting a five pound fine.

I was next at work with my colleague Juile and our supervisor Mike handed Juile his debt card and asked us to go the train station and buy him a ticket.
At the station a coach full of old people were about to go and buy tickets.  We quickly ran ahead of them and got to the kiosk before a huge queue lined up behind us.

Juile ordered the ticket and popped Mike's debt card into the card machine and the man asked her to ener the pin.  Juile turned and looked at me in horror realising that Mike hadn't given us the number.  I tried in vain to ring Mike but kept dialing the wrong number.

Behind us, all of the old people in the queue were getting very angry at being kept waiting, both Juile and I kept our eyes to the front to avoid any confrontation with the irate pensioners. 

09 10