Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Giving it large

When I initially fell to sleep I saw my dog limping with his front paw held up. On inspection he had cut it. I woke from this and drifted back to see my good friend Suki. 
He was boasting about how he could get hold of lots of illegal drugs in the style of a cockney gangster. "Yeah geeza I'll score you some weed for a monkey". 

I was next walking along a stretch of grassland and was holding a green plastic watering can. 
It had a never ending supply of water and I waved it around as I walked watering the grass. 
I reached a huge drop and saw my dog laying lifeless at the bottom of it next to a tree. 

I shouted out to him but he didn't move. In a panic I jumped down landing next to him. I picked him up and he was gently breathing. 
I whispered to him and suddenly he sprung into life and started excitedly running around as his usual happy self. 

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