Saturday, 16 November 2013

Gardens, eggs and custard creams

A combination of random dreams from last night as I slept soundly. 
In the first I was a judge in a garden competition and there were four entrants left. 

I noticed that one of the semi finalists was the daughter of Ann who I know from work, who was there supporting her daughter.  Unfortunately her daughter was confused and had entered thinking it was a swimming competition. 

I quickly dismissed two gardens for not having a path and told Ann that her daughter had as good as won. I approached the only garden left in the competition shaking my head. They were very confused. 

I was next in a pub stood on the bar and needed to get ready for work. I had one hour. As I looked down I could see friends and people from work sat at tables. 
I noticed Jimbo unwrapping sweets that were the shape and size of chicken eggs. 
Suki was reading a newspaper and without looking up he said, "Hook a brother up man, give me a chicken sweet". 

I then saw Mary who reminded me I needed to go to work, it was 16.25 and I started at 17.00. 
I needed a wash and so pulled a shower curtain across the bar to give myself privacy. 

Deciding that I really have no time to wash and should get to work, I pull back the shower curtain and find I am out in the street. 
I jump from the bar and start running through the streets. Reaching a covered walkway I see an old fashioned horse drawn cart. 

I hear music and laughter, crowds of people are gathering around the cart. From within the cart a mans voice can be heard. The first thing I see coming from the cart is the mans big nose. 
As he gets further out, the extent of his nose becomes apparent. It's at least 12 feet long. 

Everyone looks at him in amazement as he finally disembarks from the cart. The only other feature visible of the man is his face, the rest of him is a giant Custard Cream biscuit, complete with arms and legs. 
In time with the music the giant biscuit starts to dance. 

Just as I woke up I thought my wife was snoring and so nudged her and asked her to stop. 
It was infact the other way around and my very surprised but awake wife was nudged from me still sleeping! 

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