Sunday, 17 November 2013

French cauliflower

I was working in a large supermarket and appeared to be on the vegetable isle. 
The boss was following me around keeping an eye on what I was doing. 

I quickened my pace and rounded a corner into another isle and grabbed a cauliflower. Before the boss could catch up I had started running and reaching the end of the isle, I vanished into thin air. 

I re appeared on a caravan site in France. As I started to wander in and out of the caravans, the occupants, some of which were seated on deck chairs outside, eyed me suspiciously. 

I took a knife out of my pocket and started to cut at the cauliflower I was still carrying. 
After a while I stopped at a little caravan and planted the cauli in the ground like they were flowers and walked off. 

Lastly I was playing street football with a bunch of other kids. I was a child too and I was in goal. 
There was a lot kicking of the ball back and forth but no one was really any good and we all got very bored. 

Everyone stopped playing and I saw my chance and smashed the ball into the other goal. My running around waving my arms in the air victoriously, was not well received. 

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