Saturday, 9 November 2013

Free bus

I was the only person on a red double decker bus, there was no driver and I was on the top deck. 
Sitting at the front I was somehow able to drive the bus just by thinking about it and swaying my body to turn corners. 

A young lad got on and sat next to me upstairs. He was amazed with what I was doing and laughed a nervous laugh. 
He was going to the job centre and so I dropped him right outside and told him it was free too. 

I then went into the supermarket and came out weighed down with shopping bags. 
Even though I had a bus I decided to walk home and as I struggled through my door I dropped all the bags in the doorway. 

The lad I'd given a lift too then arrived at my house and I went to pick up the shopping and saw that one of the bags had been ripped open. The lad asked what happened and I pointed at my two cats and dog, all of which were doing their best impressions at looking innocent.   

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