Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ding Dong

I was told that when I initially was asleep I shouted out 'Ding Dong!' I have no recognition of this and it doesn't fit into any of my dreams. 

I was knocking on the front door of my mums neighbours, Bet and Bob.  They have both long since departed and I have no idea who lives there now. 
I was happy to see that Bet opened the door to me but was immediately aware that she was very upset. 

I followed her into the kitchen where she pointed at a microwave oven that was cooking chicken. 
Bet was trying to feed her granddaughter but was crying because she couldn't work the oven. 
I looked to see not her granddaughter sitting in the corner, but my friend Siobhan. Who gave me a nervous look that said she had concerns that she was about to get food poisoning. Plus Siobhan is a vegetarian. 

Lastly I was driving my dad from my house and almost reversed into the wall. 
Driving along a high street I recognised it as the seaside town of Skegness. 
As we turned a corner hundreds of people were fighting in the street. 

We watched and then saw a skinny young policeman attempting to stop the fighting. Thinking this a little unfair I parked the car into some roadworks and dad and I got out to help. 

As we reached where the fight was, it had all stopped and everyone was acting as if nothing had happened. Getting back into the car I saw I had got the wheels stuck down holes in the road! 

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