Sunday, 10 November 2013

Coomber Cakes

I was watching TV and flicking between channels in an attempt to find something vaguely resembling entertainment. 
I landed on a cookery channel and the shot was a close up of a man mixing ingredients in a bowl. 

As the man spoke I recognised the voice as my good friend Matt. He was chatting away for ages and although gave the impression he was a skilled baker, he was clearly waffling. 

The camera panned up to Matts smiling face and he said, "That's all from Coomber cakes, next week, jam tart". 

I was next with my wife and we were going to some kind of cabin or small hotel room that we had already been sleeping in. 
As I reached the door I could see through the glass into the room and a woman was asleep on the bed. 

I knocked loudly and the woman opened the door and walked out. She was tall with long blonde hair, dressed very scantily and in high heels. 
The phrase Dolly Bird came to my mind, a very old fashion term my mum uses for a prositute. 

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