Friday, 29 November 2013

A reflection of me

At my mums house I was adult me and my older sister was a child. She was holding my chest board and was heading out of the house. 
I asked her what she was doing and she explained that she was taking it to school. 

I said I would get the chess peices but they were in the loft. I opened the loft hatch and popped my head up. Scanning the roof space I couldn't see anything. Suddenly two cocker spaniel dogs ran at me happily wagging their tails. 

I was next in the street outside a multi storey car park. Hundreds of Asian men were running around inside it fighting. 
A group of them surrounded me and I calmly put them at ease by smiling and chatting to them. 

As I walked away I noticed I had nothing on my feet. As I left, lots of people wearing orange tabards arrived, they all looked very serious. 

I arrived at a small log cabin and it was very untidy. I set about cleaning and tidying up. I caught my reflection in a glass door and it wasn't me. 
I glanced in a mirror and my reflection was my work colleague Paul smiling back at me. 

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