Friday, 1 November 2013

A dog named David

I was driving a police car with the blue flashing lights and the siren on full blast. It was great as every other vehicle on the road moved out of my way. 
I approached a roundabout and started to move around it on the inside. 

Suddenly a car appeared on my left side, looking over I saw the driver was an old man who was clearly oblivious to my presence. 
He turned right, clipping the front of the police car and smashed onto the roundabout. 

I was next walking along a busy high street with my wife and our dog Humbug
Humbug was off his lead and trotting happily ahead of us. Everyone one else had their dog on a lead. 

As Humbug approached a road my wife started to call out for him to stop. She kept calling him David. 
Humbug clearly not called David ignored my wife and stopped as soon as I called him by his correct name. 
I looked at my wife with a quizzical glance. She just said, "I've changed his name". 

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