Sunday, 20 October 2013

The mask

I started off by being in a working mans club watching second rate entertainment. 
I'd reached the point when I couldn't stand anymore and was just about to leave when I heard a fantastic version of Pink Flyods 'Wish you were here'. 
When I looked at the stage it was actually David Gilmore playing. Mega!

I was next at the doctors to tell him that my bad back was no better and that I was expericencing pain in my right hip too. 
The doctor asked if I'd be willing to take part in an experimental treatment. Desperate to be pain free I agreed and he called in the entire staff from the surgery. 

A mask was placed over my me, it covered my whole face and was tight and I could hardly breathe. 
Everyone was staring at me and when I spoke I could see my reflection in a glass cabinet. I had turned into a cartoon version of myself with bright red lips and bulging eyes. 
Everyone started laughing at me.  The mask was pulled off my face and I returned to normal. 

Lastly I was in an upstairs room of a house. I ran down the stairs and a woman was fitting carpets. They were horrible 1970's style floral patterned and I looked at them in horror. 
I went to exit the house but the door handle was missing. I forced open the door and ran into the street. 

I recognised the area as the streets were I grew up and started heading towards my mums house. As I ran my arms became stiff and paralyzed, I lost all feeling in them and they looked like a manakins arms outstretched. 
As I got closer to my mums house hundreds of people blocked my way and I couldn't get through. 

I woke up at this point and found that I was laying with my arms up behind my head and they were numb as the blood had drained from them. 

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