Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Spy game

Last night I was with my nephew George at my mums house. The house was how it was when I was a child and still had the old pantry in the kitchen. 
I told George that we were going to play a game of spy's and that I was waiting for another friend to arrive to join the game. 

George said he needed to pop home and change his clothes and started to walk towards the shops. 
After he had been gone a few minutes I decided to find him as he was miles from his house and wouldn't know the way. 

As I walked up the street I looked at my watch which was also a music player and phone. I scrolled through my music play list and selected a song but it wouldn't play. 

I then saw that I was at the shops and was approached by Nick from work. 
Nick asked me where the bridge was that crossed the railway line. 
I pointed to the direction of the bridge but Nick walked in the opposite direction. 

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