Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pierce Brosnan drug baron

My night started off on a cruise ship where I was excited to find former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was also a passenger. 
I followed Pierce below deck and he opened a hatch and disappeared into it. 
I popped my head in and discovered him surrounded by tones of cannabis. 
He was acting out his best villaneous laugh as he held some of the illegal drug aloft in a triumphant manner. 

I was next with my wife in my car stuck in a traffic jam. I couldn't see around the big van in front to assertain the reason for the holdup. 
My wife said, "You're a transformer, just turn into something bigger". 
With this my car changed into a big lorry that was higher than the van in front. 

Just as I attempted to look over the top of the van, it transformed into a coach. Not to be out done I too transformed into a bigger coach. 
And so this went on, every time I transformed into something bigger, so did the one in front of us. Slightly irritating. 

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