Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Onesie wonder

I was walking through the street totally naked but seemed happy with my exposure. 
I arrived inside an apartment block and knocked on a front door. My work colleague Pipi opened the door and looked very sleepy. He invited me in. 

I asked if there there was anyone else in as I didn't want to offend them by my nakedness. Pipi said his wife was around so out of nowhere I pulled out my tiger onesie and a brown blanket with black spots. 

I put on my onesie and entered the living room where I set about folding up the blanket while Pipi went to make coffee. 
As I sat on the sofa Pipi's wife came in but didn't initially notice me and jumped with fright at the tiger on her sofa. 

Pipi returned and I was impressed that he knew that I drank black coffee. 

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