Monday, 7 October 2013

Moral dilemma and donuts

I was with my dog and we were out walking when we went past a supermarket that looked closed. 
Humbug ran up to the door and jumped on the spot excitedly. I pushed the door and it opened. 
As I peered into the store I saw it full of shoppers. Before I had a chance to close the door, my dog was off running at speed through the shop. 

I called him back but he was focused and gone. I turned to a member of staff and apologised to her. She handed me a slip of paper and asked for my details. 
On the paper I wrote, 'Sorry about my dog and that he rearranged the donut stand' and signed it 'a twat'. 

I was next driving towards my mums house when I pulled over at the top of her road because a big lorry was blocking the road. I saw that it was one of my mums old neighbours, but before I could talk to him, he drove off. 

Without looking I pulled out and turned into my mums road. As I did so I heard a screech of tyres and a smash behind me. 
I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the blue lights of a fire engine and a car in front of it that had crashed due to me cutting it up. 

As I turned into my mums road I slowed down and thought to myself whether I should stop and take responsibility for the accident. 
I then thought that if I stop at my mums house they would find me. I was pondering my options, knowing I should do the decent thing but also didn't want to get caught. 
Before I could reach a decesion, I woke up.  

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