Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Leopard skin locomotion

I was with my dog, who is a Jack Russell terrier. Instead of his usual tri colours, he had a leopard skin coat. 
We walked for a while with him running behind as normal. 

I approached a building of some kind and entered it, not looking back as I know that my dog is always faithfully following me. 
The building was full of other dogs of all different breeds and I bent down to stroke a few of them. 

I then heard the song, 'Locomotion' playing and turned around to the source of the music. 
I was slightly surprised to see my dog at the front of a long line of hounds dancing the Locomotion. All the dogs were on their back legs holding the dog in front with their front legs. 
Except my dog at the front of the train was making circular train wheel movements with his front legs. 

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