Thursday, 10 October 2013

Just killed a man

Standing in the street, it was dark and cold. I could see a couple of figures in the distance but couldn't make them out clearly. 

As I approached them I could see it was two big men. They had their backs to me and were hunched down punching something. 
As I got behind them I could see it was a third man laying on the floor at their feet and he was getting a serious beating. 

I could tell that if I didn't do anything, the man was going to be killed. 
I picked up a wooden slat from a picket fence that had a point on it. Running up behind the two assailants, I rammed the slat into one of the men's back and it came out the other side of him having peirced his heart. He dropped dead. 

The other man turned and looked at me and I grabbed the broken end of a broomstick. 
Without hesitation I stabbed him in the neck, cutting through his jugular and killing him instantly. 
I woke at this point. 

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