Saturday, 12 October 2013

House crashing

I was in a very busy street full of shops and restaurants, there were so many people I was having to carefully weave through them to avoid bumping into anyone. 
I did eventually bash into someone and when I looked up, it was my wife. Smiling she led me into a restaurant and we sat at a table. 

The table had a grey coloured cloth draped over it that didn't cover all of the surface area. 
Sat at the other end of the table was a teenage boy who said he was the Son of Mick, one of our work supervisors. The lad was very unhappy that the table cloth didn't fit correctly. 

I was next walking into the front door of my neighbours house. They were away so I thought I'd go in for a look around. 
Having had a good nosey about the place, I came out onto the drive and a small van came screeching to a halt. 
It was the alarm company responding to me setting it off when I entered. 

I told the driver that it was ok because I lived next door and he seemed happy with this and left. 
Then my neighbour came walking down the driveway followed by a very long black car. I decided this would be a good time to leave. 

The car skidded into the lawn, crashed through the wall and into the house next door. The neighbouring house and garden prior to the car arriving were in prestine condition. 
I thought to myself that I didn't want to be around when the house owner came home.  

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