Saturday, 26 October 2013

Go compare

To start with I was attempting to get on a moped but it had been blocked in by a red sports car. 
As I struggled to get it out of the gap, I noticed that the driver was in the sports car along with a female passenger. 
I knocked on the drivers window and asked him to move his car. 

The driver got out and started attacking me, I was then set upon by the female. To result this issue I promptly doused them both in petrol and set them alight. 

Next I was in my mums living room and was lining all of my toy cars up on a mat. I heard someone coming down the stairs and was slightly surprised to see it was the fat man with the big mustache from the Go Compate adverts. 

He seemed very sleepy and walked towards the toilet. As he entered the room he banged his head on the door frame and shouted out, "Ouch". 

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