Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fake relative

Initially I was sat at my mums with my dad and younger sister watching TV. The living room as it was when I was a child , including the huge old telly vision. 

There was a modern addition as I held my smart phone and attempted to pair it via Bluetooth to the tv. Without success I became frustrated and even more so when my sister was laughing at me. 

Following the family theme, my wife and I spent a lovely sunny afternoon at my aunts house, in and around her swimming pool. We also watched a film on TV but my view was blocked by my work colleague James. Every time I tried to move, he moved in my way of the screen. 
My wife then informed me that we needed to catch a train home. 

After saying our goodbyes, I gathered up some clean laundered clothes and started to fold them. 
I hugged my aunt and caught up with my wife and we walked off down towards the station. 

My aunt called out and came running after us. When I looked at her she wasn't my aunt but an unknown woman. 
Still pretending to be her my aunt then sold us a metal toilet roll holder for £9.50. 

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