Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evil twins

I was in my utility room and the drum shaped bread bin that now houses dog treats had multiplied and was the size of an oil drum. Not only that, it had cloned and there was a second one the same size.

I lifted the lid of one of them and found a young girl sat inside. She had huge scary bulging eyes, thin blonde hair and an evil look about her. 
I put the lid back on and opened the other bin to find an identical girl smiling up at me. 
Slamming the lid back on I left with an eeary chill down my spine. 

I was next walking down the street in one of the newer townships of the city. Beside me was a woman that I didn't recognise but felt I vaguely knew. 

Coming towards us walking together were Suki and Justin from work. They passed us without comment and the female looked back and said that she thought Suki was cute. 
I told her that he was just a boy, to which she laughed, "I'll make a man of him". 

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