Monday, 14 October 2013

Crunchy nut baby

Rather disturbingly I was helping deliver four babies last night. They were slightly different in that they had had their gestation period in cereal boxes. 
In turn I carefully opened each box to produce a crying newborn. 

As I opened the last box which was Chrunchy Nut Cornflakes, a small trickle of blood flowed out of the top of the packet. 
There was no accompanying cry and as I opened the box I poured out a lifeless baby into a bowl. I just stared at it. 

I next found myself rushing through a street with Stu from work. As we turned a corner a huge angry crowd surrounded a house baying for blood. 
Stu said to me, "Don't stop". I stopped. 
I stood my ground and eventually the crowd dispersed.  As we walked around the corner four hearses passed us each with a freshly killed bloodied body in the back. I just stared. 

Finally my dog was in our back garden when a rabbit hopped through the fence. A second glance at my dog and he had turned into a hamster. 
Thinking this wouldn't go well for my dog I was surprised when my hamster chased the rabbit back out and into the field. 
I chased after them and caught up just as my hamster dog was about to beat up the rabbit. 

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