Friday, 25 October 2013

Bus to Nottingham

As the title suggests, I was on a bus that was heading towards the city of Nottingham. 
It was night time and along with other work colleagues I was on the upper deck. 
As we drove into Nottingham I noticed that people were rioting and shops and cars were ablaze. 

We were told to get off and alighted the bus in a dark back street outside the city centre. 
On his bike was Groover, he had two flat tyres. This didn't deter him and he rode off in the direction of the centre of the city and towards certain death at the hands of the rioters. 

Lastly along with my wife we were on a boat moored at the seaside. It was not in water but on the promenade with the sand on the other side. 
A woman who looked vaguely familiar knocked on the boat and was holding a bunch of flowers. 

We both came out of the boat and the woman asked if we wanted a wedding cake and held up the flowers. 
Confused I picked a petal off and tasted it. Amazingly it was fruit cake covered in icing. 

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