Saturday, 5 October 2013

Big Daddy at the library

I was driving my car with my dad in the front passenger seat and a female in the rear that I didn't know. 
I pulled up outside a public library and my dad said he needed to renew some books. 
All three of us walked up to the entrance door and the female stumbled and almost fell. I laughed but she wasn't impressed and scowled at me. 

Inside the library was a young boy who was about 12 years old and his blonde hair was cut in the style of a mullet. He looked ridiculous. 
The interior of the library had been made into a swimming pool and the boy started to tell us what books were available. He spoke with a heavy Scotish accent and was hard to understand. 

I then noticed that my dad had become 1970's-80's wrestling star, Big Daddy, complete with leotard. 

26 stone Big Daddy's real name was Shirley Crabtree and he was a former rugby leauge player before become a professional wrestler in 1952. 

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