Friday, 20 September 2013

We are not amused, again

My wife and I were the formal quests of her majesty the Queen and the Dutchess of Cornwall. The location was a very impressive domed building in London. It resembled the Royal Albert hall.

The queen was looking extremely serious but Camilla was smiling and seemed very happy. 
When we were ushered into the building we were taken up into the dome itself. 
Laying around within the circular roof were other guests. We were told to lay on our backs and a movie would play on the ceiling. 

It was silent as we waited for the film to begin and I thought it would he funny to quote a line from the film Wayne's World. 
I turned to my wife and shuffled on the floor and said, "I laid on my keys". 
I then noticed the Queen and Dutchess glaring at me and shaking their heads. 

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