Thursday, 19 September 2013

Underground jumpers

I was in the underground car park where I work and everywhere I looked were clothing items thrown over vehicles. 
They were mainly work jumpers that had the owners names sown on them in white stitching. 

I went around reading the names on the jumpers but didn't recognise any of them. In a space reserved for the boss was a huge pile of cardboard boxes. Hung over the boxes was another jumper but the name was in black so hard to see. 
I looked at it carefully and saw that the owner was George Hunt, again a name I didn't know. 

Lastly I was in a pub and was going to cook a Sunday lunch for my work colleagues. The landlord of the pub was showing me his dog. It was the size of a Pug but looked nothing like one. 

When I tried to stroke the dog I noticed it was bleeding from an open wound on its side. 
The blood was dripping onto the floor and the dog was drinking it. 

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