Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tiger couch

I was driving my car along a beautiful treelined lake that was made even more amazing as it was lit by the moonlight. 
Taking in its splendour I failed to notice I'd run off the Tarmac and along a gravel track. 
The small stones became deeper and my car started to sink. I yanked up the handbrake spinning the vehicle around and floored the accelerator. 
Other than a mass of stones flying up in the air, nothing happened and I was stuck. 

I was next in a house I didn't recognise when there was a knock on the door. My dog started barking and I tried to hush him as my wife was asleep. 
When I opened the door it was my Auntie and Niece along with a very fat black woman. 
I hugged my relatives and told the black woman not to touch my dog as he didn't like strangers. 

The woman told me that she had two cats and they were in the living room. I opened the door to the room and saw one cat jumping up at the sofa. As I fully entered the room I saw that the other cat laying on the sofa was a fully grown Bengal tiger. 
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