Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sausage box

I was woken by a loud thud on the bedside table. When I looked over with blurry eyes I saw a long rectangular cardboard box. One end was open and when I lifted it and tipped the contents out, there was a packet of raw sausages. 

I soon realised this was actually my dream when this thud happened another two times waking me again. Well not waking me but within the dream I was awake. 

I was next with my wife walking along my Nan's old street where she lived when I was growing up. With us were our two cats trotting along side. 
We passed through market stalls containg pet foods and our ginger cat kept running in the road. 

We arrived at a garden that had a huge blackberry bush covering the end fence. I started to cut it back but got carried away and removed the fence too. 
Looking beyond what was once the garden perimeter, I was looking down a hill onto a caravan site. 

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