Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ryan's 4x4 tandem

The second appearance recently of my work colleague Ryan. 
This time he had assembled an elaborate bicycle with a mounted engine and 4x4 wheels, so a truck really but it still looked like a bike. 

I'd been invited by Ryan to help him test drive it and to incorporate this he had built another seat thus making it a tandem 4x4. 
With Ryan at the helm we set off across a muddy set of hills. All was going smoothly until I noticed that I had somehow overtaken Ryan and was in front of him. 

I looked down and discovered that my section on the bike was no longer attached to Ryan's part and I was freewheeling out of control. 
I lost sight of Ryan as I fell off into the mud and the bike smashed into a tree. 

I later discovered Ryan in a garage where he was working on his 4x4 tandem mark 11. I declined his kind offer to help him test it!  

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