Friday, 27 September 2013

Richard III you dummy

I was at some kind of castle grounds or historical site. There were a few ruined buildings and some sloping grassed areas surrounding them. 

I was in charge of a display about former British Monach, Richard III. It was a rather poor effort in that I had a shop manakin dressed in a robe wearing a crown. The resemblance stopped there. 

I was told that it was rubbish and that I had to remove the display in order for a new one to be put in. Not happy with this I showed my displeasure by putting a noose around my dummy kings neck and hanging him from the castle wall. 

I was next at my mums house, the back door was open and it was a sunny day. 
A table was placed so that it was half in the kitchen and half in the garden. 
On the table were cheese, crackers and tomatoes. 

I took a knife and cut the cheese so thinly that it was transparent. I did the same with the tomatoes and placed them both onto a cracker. 
As I placed it into my mouth and crunched into it, I woke up.   

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