Sunday, 15 September 2013

Paul Weller in a tub

I was watching TV with my wife, something I was doing whilst awake earlier in the evening. 
An advert came on the screen whereby a naked Paul Weller was advertising a bath. 

The bath was more of a shallow oversized oyster shell that he only just fitted into. The water didn't even cover his ankles and he was struggling to hide his modesty. 
As Paul awkwardly turned to show the baths features whilst still trying to maintain a modicum of dignity, I commented to my wife, "Why is he doing adverts, how embarrassing". 

I was next in the living room at my mums house. Outside in the road was parked a coach and I watched as car attempted to reverse into a space in front of it. 
The car hit the coach and started to push it towards the house. 

I shouted out but the car continued to push the coach. I heard a massive crashing sound as it hit the house and the lights went out. 
I went into the hallway and flicked the trip switch back on for the electricity. 

Everything looked normal so I ran upstairs and found that the coach was embedded into the front bedroom and part of the coach was hanging out over the street. 
Some children were nervously looking out of the windows as the vehicle hung out of my mums bedroom. 
I shouted out to them and as they moved to look at me the coach started to tip forwards and screams emitted from the coach. Wondering what to do about the situation, I woke up. 

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