Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nostalgia trip

Last night started with a rich boss attempting to clinch a million pound business contract. He was writing mathematical sums onto a sheet of paper, scribbling through them and becoming ever more frustrated. 
He was so close to getting it right but the deal depended on him getting the numbers correct. 

From behind him came the voice of a man sweeping the floor and he said to the boss. "You can do it, remember when we were kids". 

The dream them took on a weird nostalgic form with the boss thinking back to his childhood. The scene became black and white but with a tiny hint of colour. 
Rows of poor children stood against a wall and just two of the boys had coloured buttons on their clothes. 

The two boys were best friends and inseparable. They were playing darts but one boy couldn't work out the sums to play. 
The other boy was very good at playing and encouraged the other by saying, "You can this". 

The scene drifted back to the boss in his office and the words were echoing around his head. "You can do this"
He wrote an sum and the deal was done. 

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