Friday, 6 September 2013

Mystery house

I was in my street but parked a few houses up from my entrance. I saw my wife looking out of the window at me. 
I approached what looked like an empty house. There was rubble and rubbish in the front garden. 
I removed the handle from a lawn mower out of the boot of my car and approached the front door. 

I had a key in my pocket which was for the house and as I pushed it into the door it swung open. It was very dark inside and cobwebs hung from the ceiling. 
It looked abandoned and I thought to myself that no one could be living here. 

I then heard the front door close and spun around to see a woman coming in. She smiled and said, "Who are you?"  I replied, "I'm Maximus". 
She then seemed to have heard of me and was happy that I was in the house. 

I walked into the living room and found a very old lady sitting on the sofa drinking tea. 
I looked around the house and thought to myself that the old lady would slightly hamper my plans to move in. 

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