Thursday, 12 September 2013

Missing child

I was part of a huge organised search team looking for a missing girl who was about 10 years old. 
The concern was that she had been abducted by a sex offender and that time was running out. Local tensions were running high. 

Pictures of the smiling girl were up in every house and shop window with the words 'Have you seen this girl'. 
I had wandered onto an open field and got separated from the other volunteer searchers. 
It was growing dark and I knew the search would soon be called off for the night. 

Suddenly the ground gave way beneath my feet and I fell into a big hole. 
Landing in a darkened pit I looked up to see the missing girl standing over me smiling just as she was in her picture. 
Pleased that she was safe and well my joy turned immediately to fear as I saw a man bound with rope and gagged in the corner. 
The girls smile turned into a sinister grin as she had found another victim.  


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