Saturday, 14 September 2013

In the news - nothing

I was with my wife and she handed me a sat nav while she went into a shop. I sat in the car. 
As she reached the shop entrance she turned and shouted, "Our nan's are a nightmare, we best keep them apart". 

I looked over at the passenger seat and saw that there was a copy of the sun newspaper. 
I opened the first page and the inside pages had all been painted with black paint, making them all very thick and heavy. The whole paper was like it. 

I was next watching a man staggering around putting things into the boot of his car. I watched him then get into the drivers seat and move off. 
Concerned he was drunk I ran after the man and flagged down a police car. 

The man was stopped and the officers gave the man a machine to blow into. The man blew into it then handed it to me. None of the officers seemed bothered so I looked at the digital reading which said 107.14. 
I showed it to the drunk guy and he said, " I think that's bad". 

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