Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to dispose of the ex

The first part of my dream involved me digging away on my allotment. I was doing a piece to camera, explaining what I was doing, Gardeners World style. 
Instead of talking about leaks or carrots I was offering advise on how to dispose of a dead body. 

Wrapped in a sheet was the deceased body of my ex wife and I explained that if you dug deep enough and filled the hole with soil, the rotting corpse would be excellent for your onions. Plus no one would ever discover the body. 

Lastly I was on a bus along with my exact double. Both me's had a suitcase that was above our heads on the luggage rack with a length of string tied from it onto our wrists. 
As the bus stopped to let on more passengers I noticed the front windscreen was smashed.  

 A Japanese man got on and said to the driver in very broken English, "Ah window bish bosh". 
I turned to the other me and told myself what he had said and both me's started laughing out loud. 

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