Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gordon's golfing nightmare

Starting off at work in the city centre office, I was a little confused as no one was familiar. I didn't recognise one person. 
I was also trying to avoid doing any work and instead started to clean out a huge fish tank. I then opened a chest freezer and started to clean that.
Inside I found a frozen book that was made of clear plastic. It had nothing on it but I recognised it as a book for dogs that you could place pages into. 

Next I watched as a supervisor from work called Gorden was playing golf. 
This was made all the more difficult as he attempted to play from the top of a cliff. 
I watched as he climbed down towards the sea every time his ball rolled a bit further towards the water. 

Finally it plopped into the water and Gorden jumped onto a fishing boat. The captain of the boat told Gorden that he wanted a ciggertte but had given up smoking 8 months ago. 

Lastly I was back in the city centre office with Gorden and I was telling him that no one there was anyone I knew. 
Gorden sat at a desk and looked at me and said, "My ball fell in the sea". 

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