Sunday, 29 September 2013

General stone

I was in a house that was surrounded by angry protesters. I was standing in the living room looking out of a wall of windows that were all about a foot square in size. 

Along with me were a man and a woman. The woman was sitting at a desk and the man had his face on a pane of glass looking outside. 
I told the man to come away from the window as the crowd outside were very hostile. 
Just as the man moved away from the glass, a stone smashed through the exact pane he had just been at. 

I moved away into the adjoining room which was a kitchen. Standing in the doorway between the two rooms I picked up the stone and threw it back at the window, smashing another pane. Faces were pressed against the glass from outside but they were frozen and unmoving. 

When I turned into the kitchen there was a black army General who looked very much like former Ugandain president Idi Amin. 
He was shouting very excitedly about what was going on outside and was high fiving everyone in the room. 


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