Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fox pooh

My dogs antics during the day worked into my dream last night. During his walk he rolled in fox pooh and required a shower. That's not the dream, that's what happened. 
As I slept, I had moved to another house on the edge of my village. The garden was untidy and as I set about tidying it I noticed a wooden pallet on fire. 

Oddly I ignored the fire and continued sorting the garden. My dog was running about barking and for good reason, the fire had spread to the house and a rotary washing line. 
I collapsed the washing line and filled a watering can from the tap. 
I poured water over the house and the fires were out. 

I walked out onto the road followed by my dog. Two women were walking past and commented on my dog being fluffy. When I looked at him, he was puffed out and so fluffy I could hardly see him for a mass of fur. 
I then set about explaining that he had rolled in fox pooh and I had to shower him. 

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