Monday, 23 September 2013

Fabric conditioner car

I was on a building site where along with my wife we were erecting a huge metal frame. We were bolting together big red coloured gerders and the construction filled the room. 
I'd left my wife bolting these together as my neighbour Simon asked me for a lift to his house. 

I abliged by sitting him on a fabric conditioner bottle the size of a car and steering it through the streets.  
This was going well untill blue coloured liquid started pouring out of the front and the vehcile stopped. I was also lost and couldn't remember the way home so I walked back to the building site to ask my wife. 

When I arrived she was fitting a bathroom suite and was holding a power drill. As it was getting late I asked her to hurry up but she told me she still had a kitchen to fit and the rest of the steel frame to errect. 

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